Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson
Chief Technology Officer

Eric Johnson is the Chief Technology Officer at GitLab Inc., the DevOps platform. GitLab’s single application helps organizations deliver software faster and more efficiently while strengthening their security and compliance.

Eric has worked for 4 previous startups in the marketing technology, localization software, online video platform, and commercial drone industries. He’s helped them scale to various levels, including acquisitions and an IPO.

Eric started at GitLab in September of 2017 and is responsible for a vast, highly talented team of software engineers, designers, and support personnel responsible for GitLab’s open source DevOps platform. An estimated 30 million+ registered users from startups to global enterprises use this platform.

Eric received his B.A in Philosophy from Villanova University. He currently serves as a board member of The Linux Foundation, a non-profit organization enabling mass innovation through open source. He also advises several startups.