New pricing for GitLab Premium


Effective April 3, 2023, GitLab is increasing the list price of GitLab Premium from $19 to $29 per user per month. Existing GitLab Premium customers will have a one-time transition price of $24 per user per month automatically applied to their upcoming renewals until April 2, 2024. As GitLab’s first price increase in more than five years, this new pricing for GitLab Premium reflects the evolution of GitLab from source control and CI to the most comprehensive DevSecOps Platform. Over the past five years, GitLab Premium added more than 400 features, leading to improved cycle times, enhanced developer experience, and better collaboration for our customers.

Since February 2018, we expanded GitLab Premium to include more than 400 features across the entire software delivery lifecycle so customers can focus on delivering high-quality software faster. We’ve added notable capabilities including:

  • Ease of getting started: Built-in templates and automatic pipeline creation using Auto DevOps make it easy to get started.
  • Pipeline execution: Parent-child pipelines, directed acyclic graphs, and merge trains help to establish relationships, sequencing, and priorities of jobs to ensure faster execution and keep the target branch stable.
  • Agile planning: Roadmaps, epics, boards, and milestones enable enterprise Agile planning best practices and management of projects, programs, and products at a team and organizational level.
  • Analytics and visibility: Value stream analytics, contribution analytics, environments dashboards, MR analytics, code review analytics, and more track metrics driving software delivery efficiency.
  • Release controls: Code owners, multiple approvers, approval rules, protected environments, various rollout strategies like incremental/canary, feature flags, and fine-grained authentication and authorization mechanisms minimize production risks and ensure shipping high-quality code.
  • Compliance: Compliance frameworks and audit events enable compliance adherence.
  • Performance and fault tolerance: Distributed cloning using GitLab Geo, fault-tolerant git storage with Gitaly, geographic replication, and load balancing for self-managed deployment of GitLab for improved performance and fault tolerance.

See the upcoming releases roadmap to learn how GitLab will continue to iterate on GitLab Premium to deliver value and innovation to customers every month.

This change does not apply to GitLab Ultimate customers or users of our community programs, including GitLab for Startups, Education, and Open Source.

Please find more information in the Customer FAQs or contact your GitLab Sales Representative. Additional transition offer terms apply.